Cloud Computing | Private Public Hybrid Cloud

What is “the Cloud”? How does it function? What are the benefits?

The days of cloud computing being a straightforward choice of running your cloud offsite on a provider’s hardware or building your own cloud in your data center are long gone. Technology has matured, so too have the options.

Selecting the right Cloud model

Cloud Computing - accessible from any deviceAll cloud solutions are not the same and neither are your requirements. Picking the right cloud model for the type of business problem you are trying to solve can be the most important decision you can make. This checklist will help guide you to identify the cloud model that best fits your business and application needs. The beauty of cloud computing technology is its simplicity… and in the fact that it requires significantly fewer capital expenditures to get up and running.

There are generally three cloud models to choose from:

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Which cloud solution is right for your business and applications? Contact us to schedule an audit to determine which cloud model works best for your company.

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