Customized Quote and Detailed Proposal

Relocating? We can assist to confirm availability BEFORE you move. Relocating?

We can assist to confirm availability BEFORE you move. Considering opening a branch office in another state? Who offers the lowest rates? We can confirm if your current provider is there and offers a MPLS solution as well!

 P2PPoint 2 Point private line, Virtual Private Network ( VPN), Multi location MPLS / VPLS options are also available. We request you provide your remote location within your comments to determine bandwidth options and connectivity in Step 2.

Leading Corporations Choose ECS Telecom!
Multi-location enterprises have unique technology needs and challenges. Our in-depth expertise, understanding and leading solutions have rewarded us with satisfied customers in a variety of industries.:: LEARN MORE ::

* Be sure to enter the NPA-NXX (Install Phone) of the requested service telephone number. If you enter a cell phone number you will probably see "Service Unavailable".

New ConstructionNew Construction or no existing phone line? Please enter the nearest business phone #.


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Detailed Proposal

We contact a wide selection of providers for you so you always have a choice. We believe that having the power to choose between Broadband, High-speed Data connections, MPLS Network providers, Integrated, Managed Services options and VoIP providers results in a better service selection and lower prices for our customers. Once we have covered all your options and requirements, we will send a detailed Proposal detailing:
  • Loop and Port fees
  • Per minute voice rates
  • Installation Fee - if any
  • Router Included - Yes / No
  • Long Distance Rates -
    • Intra-State Outbound + Toll Free
    • Inter-State Outbound + Toll Free
  • LD Billing Increment - 6 second, 4th decimal rounding or ... Full min rate regardless.
  • Package Minutes Included - Local Minutes, LD bucket or unlimited
  • FSLC/LDAC/LNP/EUCL Charges - or get blind sided when you see your first invoice.

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If you need to contact us for any reason, please, do not hesitate to call or email us at your earliest convenience. We will do all in our capacity to respond to your inquiry immediately.
All of the quotes you generate will be stored for 6 months. Come back and compare your old results for updated rates.

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Customized Quote and Detailed Proposal

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Relocating, new construction?
We can assist to confirm availability BEFORE you move.
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