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XO Communications is a leading provider of national and local telecommunications services to businesses, large enterprises and telecommunications companies. Provides Integrated Voice/Internet service with Dynamic bandwidth allocation and Dedicated Internet Services DS1/ Fractional DS3, DS3 and more across it's nationwide multi 10 Gigabit Tier 1 fiber optic network.

XO offers a complete portfolio of services, including local and long distance voice, dedicated Internet access, private networking, data transport, and Web hosting services as well as bundled voice and Internet solutions. XO provides these services over an advanced, national facilities-based IP network and serves more than 75 metropolitan markets across the United States.>

XO has an OC-192 IP backbone with OC-12 uplinks in data centers; that means they have one of the highest capacity and scalable IP backbones in the industry, along with the highest levels of performance and reliability. A suite of world-class tools that facilitate the communication of customer information and continuous network monitoring set the XO network apart from its rivals. Their network has nearly 1,000 central office collocations, 3,000 fiber-fed buildings, and processes more than 25 billion VoIP minutes a year.

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Relocating? We can assist to confirm availability BEFORE you move. Relocating? We can assist to confirm availability BEFORE you move. Considering opening a branch office in another state? Who offers the lowest rates? We can confirm if your current provider is there and offers a MPLS solution as well!

 P2PPoint 2 Point private line, Virtual Private Network ( VPN), Multi location MPLS / VPLS options are also available. We request you provide your remote location within your comments to determine bandwidth options and connectivity in Step 2.

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XO offers a range of basic communications services designed to give maximum flexibility in building solutions.

Services Offered:

  • Dedicated Voice
    • long distance, local toll, toll-free, advanced features and local (where available)
    • PRI Local and Long distance
    • Featuring 6 second billing and precise 4th decimal point rounding.
  • Switched Voice services
    • Long distance, local toll, international, toll-free, calling card, and local (where available).
  • Data services
    • Dedicated Fractional / Full DS3, OC3/12/48
    • Bonded T1
  • MPLS enabled IP backbone
  • Integrated voice and data circuits
  • Ethernet Over Copper - 10Mbps
  • Server Co - Location
  • Private Lines DS1/DS3/T3 ( Point - to -point )
  • VPN services (Virtual Private Networks)
World-Class Reliability:
  • Multiple data centers and a 24x7 network operations center.
  • Total fiber: approximately 1,158,000 miles.
  • Access to more than 100+ peering partners offering direct access to 85% of Internet traffic.
  • 34 Nortel DMS-500 switches for local and long distance voice.
  • Nationwide multi 10 Gigabit Tier 1 fiber optic network and serves 75 U.S. major metropolitan markets.


  • High capacity OC-192 IP backbone provides speed, capacity and flexibility today  while allowing XO to offer services that take advantage of future IP technological evolutions
  • Peering infrastructure to the Internet with more than 100 private and public peering relationships, XO provides direct paths to all other major Network Service Providers so that your Internet traffic travels with peak speed
  • Dedicated Internet Access and DSL access POPs in the local markets The extensive XO footprint ensures controlled connectivity costs.
  • Design a solution. Whether you need voice and data services, high-speed Internet access, web site hosting, or cost-effective calling features, XO will design a solution for your business.
  • Colocation – An outsourcing solution if you want to avoid the cost of maintaining a co-location facility while providing a dedicated and secure location with superior network connectivity.

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